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Our Mission

Staying active is important for your mind and body, and integrating competition and most importantly fun completes this synergy. In order to bring out the best qualities of young athletes,  we hope to provide the safest, most reliable training space to build the skill sets athletes want and need.  The Great Lakes Bay Region is deserving of a facility that allows young athletes a place to grow; not only in athletics but in life. 


By providing this facility we hope to take each players passion coupled with the proper training to reach their full potential; "it's in their blood". As hands on parents and coaches for our boys we realized there were limited facilities for youth indoor sports training.  After many discussions our two families decided to come together to create a facility to be shared with the region so that ALL kids can benefit from what we found was lacking. And thus DNA Fieldhouse was born.

We believe that when you play any field sport, it is more than just a game. It's a COMMUNITY. We strive to offer a welcoming and all inclusive environment where our players and families can come together. 

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